April 15, 2014 A new lighting system is being installed at Harrison High School in Harrison, Ohio. The new system features industry leading computer designed horizontal optics and internal spill/glare control making it the perfect choice for specific needs required by the school. The system also features four 70-foot direct embedded steel poles and 52 sports lighting fixtures setting a high standard of sports lighting technology for high school games. The “state-of-the-art” system is backed up by a standard 30-year warranty, a warranty that focuses on value and belief in our products.

The Athletic Boosters at Harrison High School is funding the lighting improvements through the Athletic Facility Renovation Campaign named “A Century of Excellence”. The slogan for the campaign, “Built for the community, by the community” reflects the hard work done by the community of Harrison while allowing everyone to be part of these historic changes and improvements at the school. The campaign also supports the installation of a brand new irrigation system, a new well, and a new 8 lane track, making “A Century of Excellence” a success for the faculty, students and the community.

Custer Electric, Inc., has been involved with this project since 2006 and is currently performing the installation.