Indianapolis, Indiana – Musco L.E.D. Sports Lighting was upgraded to this facility in September 2020.  The former lighting was installed prior to 1987 for the Pan American games held in Indianapolis. Currently, this facility of one of 25 velodrome of this size in the United States of America.  The former lighting system contained 228, 1500 watt metal halide fixtures consuming 367,000 watts of electricity.  The former lighting was antiquated and some fixtures were beyond repair.  The old metal halide system had an average of less than 20 footcandles around the track surface.  The NEW Musco L.E.D. lighting system only required 41 fixtures to achieve 50 footcandles on track surface and consumes 59,000 watts of electricity.

Nearly 3 times the amount of light and over 6 times the amount less of electricity!

The Musco system is backed by a 25 year parts and labor warranty that included Musco’s entertainment lighting for special effects.

We are glad we partnered with Edwards Electrical & Mechanical, Inc. of Indianapolis, IN to complete this project.